Aima Baig opens up about battling with depression after breakup

Aima Baig, after almost three months of calling off her engagement with Shahbaz Shigri, talked about how she recovered from depression.


In a short chit-chat session with Independent Urdu, the famous Pakistani playback singer Aima Baig revealed how people treated her after her recent scandal and what she has learned from her mistakes.

She said that celebrities must keep their lives personal and should stay away from social media, because it’s toxic.

The Malang singer said that there is no doubt that social media gives you fame, but at times, it is ruthless and even pushes you towards suicide.

She said that calling off her engagement and following controversy took a toll on her mental health, and she went into depression.

“Some people commit suicide, some leave their profession, and some go into depression, like I did a few days ago, as you all know, I was unable to find a way, then Allah summoned me, and I took my father to Umrah,” the singer told talking about her recovery.

She also said that everything happens for a reason, she has learned from her mistakes, and now she keeps her life personal.

Baig also said that she was heartbroken and that Kaifi Khalil’s song Kahani Suno was so relatable, that she decided to cover it.

She added that she didn’t sing Pyaar Hua Tha for likes and views, but for herself.

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