Animals at Lahore Zoo are forced to move because of the bad conditions.

Visitors to the Lahore Zoo today will find empty cages and malnourished animals due to the relocation of many of the zoo's rarest animals to other zoos and sanctuaries, which serves as a sad reminder of years of mismanagement and neglect.


The management of the zoo has stated that the animals were relocated as a result of changing weather conditions; however, the zoo’s history of animal relocations raises serious concerns regarding the management’s capacity to properly care for the animals that live there.

Kiran Saleem, deputy director of the Lahore Zoo, claims that the zoo simply lacks sufficient space to house all of the animals under their care. Six urials, two deer pairs, and two lion pairs have recently been relocated to other zoos, and two female cheetal deer have been brought to Jallo Park.

The poor conditions at Lahore Zoo have been the subject of headlines before. Poor hygiene and diet conditions have resulted in the deaths of several rare mammals over the past few years, including an elephant and a white lion.

Additionally, there have been reports of illegal animal sales, and the zoo administration has been unable to provide adequate care for its animals due to a lack of funds.

It’s time for the animals to get their act together before it’s too late because they have become pawns in a game of neglect and mismanagement.

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