Capital braces for Imran’s Faizabad rally

The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Police on Friday issued a traffic plan ahead of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) rally scheduled to be held on Saturday.


A diversion plan issued by the Islamabad Police on Saturday morning said that a diversion has been placed for traffic moving from Rawat T-Cross towards Rawalpindi-Peshawar Road.

Traffic From Rawat T-Cross has been allowed to enter Islamabad as one row has been kept open.

Further, commuters travelling from Islamabad Expressway to Rawalpindi can use the old airport road – with one row kept open.

The Islamabad Expressway, however, was closed at Koral Stop.



Under the bridge at Faizabad, the Islamabad Highway has been kept open for traffic.

However, all loops of Faizabad heading to IJP Road, Murree Road and Rawalpindi have been closed.

Diversions placed at Faizabad for up track and down track traffic towards Murree Road and Rawalpindi has been closed.

IJP Road has also been closed for traffic heading towards Faizabad and 9th Avenue at the 9th Avenue junction.

Chungi 26, though, was clear for traffic.

Moreover, diversions have been placed for both, uptrack and down track traffic on Haji Camp Road to Islamabad Chowk.

The Srinagar Highway to Islamabad Airport and Motorway remains clear for traffic.

Alternatively, traffic has been diverted to Islamabad Expressway.

Entry and exit to the Red Zone core has been closed from Express Chowk and NADRA Chowk.

Alternatively, Margalla Road and Ayub Chowk can be used.

Serena Chowk Entry is also open for one lane while the exit has been completely closed.

The Faizabad Bus Terminal was also closed for traffic. The bus station will remain closed from 10 pm on Friday Saturday until the end of the political party’s gathering.

All other roads of Islamabad are all clear for traffic.



For safety, police has started checking hotels and residential flats within the vicinity of Faizabad.


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