Far-right libertarian leader Javier Milei becomes Argentina’s new president


Javier Meli of Argentina, a far-right libertarian with a pledge to end inflation، The country has been elected president with a potentially tumultuous future for South America’s second-largest economy, The Guardian reported Monday.

Of the more than 90% of the votes counted, 55.69% were votes while their competitors had 44.3% of the vote, Central left-wing Finance Minister Sergio Massa — has often led to a possible economic downturn over Mellie’s victory over Donald Trump —.

“ Today Argentina begins reconstruction. Today is a historic night for Argentina،” The Mick Jagger imitated supporters who became politicians from a TV celebrity and told very happy supporters at his election headquarters in Buenos Aires، And called his win “ miracle”.

According to The Guardian, Mellie promised “drastic chormations” to tackle Argentina’s rising inflation and widespread poverty “tragic reality”. He also sent a message to the international community: “Argentina will return to a place in the world that he should never have lost. ”

Earlier, Massa conceded defeat and said, “The Argentines have chosen another path

Massa also said he had called Mellie to congratulate him on his victory before announcing his retirement from frontline politics.

“ Obively, These are not the results we had hoped for and I have spoken to Javier Meli to congratulate him because he is the president who was elected by the majority of Argentines Selected for the next four years, ” added Massa, whose Peruvian movement has ruled for 16 of the last 20 years.

The 53-year-old leader’s victory was celebrated by pro-Milli activists، Who believe they have an economic vision that has the potential to pull Argentina out of a severe economic crisis.

Mellie, who will take office on December 10, has promised to dismantle the central bank and make the economy a dollar to tackle poverty and inflation، Which has dropped by 40%; out of 45 million Argentines in poverty.

“I knows how to eradicate inflation cancer،” Milei said during last Sunday’s last presidential debate that most experts thought Massa had won.

Other prominent members of the far-right community around the world praised Meli’s victory, including former Brazilian President Ger Bolsonaro، Who supported his campaign and pledged to attend his inauguration.

“ Hope is shining again in South America, ” Bolsonaro wrote on X, which was the first Twitter, which he called the victory of “ honesty, development and freedom ”.

Former US President Donald Trump wrote: “ The whole world was watching! I’m proud of you. You will turn your country around and really make Argentina great again. ”

His victory was also celebrated by X owner Elon Musk, who posted: “ Prosperity is ahead for Argentina.

Meanwhile, his left-wing opponents are an “infamous random figure whose radical ideology includes legalizing the sale of organs، Stunned and discouraged by the election, severing ties with Argentina’s two largest trading partners, Brazil and China، And closing more than a dozen ministries, “according to The Guardian.

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