Go to Hollywood, everyone! The first “Super Mario” theme park to open in the US.

Just a few weeks before Mario appears in a major new Hollywood film, Nintendo's first theme park outside of Japan will open in California next month.


Super Nintendo World will be a part of Universal Studios Hollywood, an amusement park that usually has rides based on movies and TV shows like “Waterworld” and “Harry Potter.” Super Nintendo World will be there.

However, in order to capitalize on the global popularity of the platform-hopping plumber, bosses of the two companies have joined forces. The video game industry is now larger than movies, and theme parks are using more and more interactive technology to immerse guests.

The new Nintendo attraction will largely follow the design of its slightly larger sister park in Osaka, which just opened recently. It will feature a “Mario Kart: Goggles for augmented reality are used in the “Bowser’s Challenge” ride.

Visitors can aim and shoot virtual shells at computerized villains they see displayed on their individual head-mounted visors as they race along a real-life track surrounded by actual set pieces.

“Ultimate playground” There are also a few mini-games where people with interactive wristbands can earn coins and stamps so they can compete against Bowser Jr. in a “final showdown.” “It’s kind of the ultimate playground,” Universal Creative vice president Jon Corfino said.

We are well-known for our fantastic and highly immersive film franchises. Games are something else entirely.

“Entertainment is not static”: “How we even engage with entertainment is evolving in and of itself.”

Fans of Nintendo have already begun making their way to the amusement park in Los Angeles. Last week, word quickly spread that the new attraction was accepting visitors for a “soft opening” to iron out any remaining technical issues.

Carlos Moctezuma, who went to the park in a Mario costume, said, “Being here, it’s like my real childhood in the real world.”

Since I was in the second grade, I have known Mario. Lexsi Houseman, dressed as Luigi, his partner, stated, “That was one of my first games on the Game Boy.”

She added, “It’s a dream come true.”

Star-studded cast The official opening of Super Nintendo World is scheduled for February 17. Actors dressed as Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach will greet guests surrounded by mechanical Yoshis, Piranha Plants, and Goombas from the adored gaming franchise.

In Orlando, a third Nintendo theme park will be built.

In the meantime, “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” will be released in April by Universal Pictures, a Hollywood film studio that shares its parent company with the theme park.

The role of Italian plumber Mario is played by US actor Chris Pratt. This casting choice has sparked debate and criticism on social media, but it has only increased attention to the nostalgic film.

Anya Taylor-Joy plays Princess Peach, Jack Black plays Bowser, and Seth Rogen plays Donkey Kong in a stellar voice cast.

After a live-action film that was widely panned in 1993, this will be Hollywood’s second attempt to bring Nintendo’s most famous characters to the big screen.

In 1985, Nintendo released the first “Super Mario Bros.” game for the NES console.

The “Mario Bros” arcade game was the inspiration for the platform game, in which Mario jumps and runs over obstacles to get coins and save Princess Peach from the evil Koopa turtles.

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