Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Quaid-e-Azam Medical College Bahawalpur


On Saturday 10th December 2022, the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the establishment of Quaid-e-Azam Medical College Bahawalpur were started.
The inaugural function of this series was held in the college auditorium, the President College Of Physicians And Surgeons Prof. Dr. Shoaib Shafi was the chief guest of the event, he expressed his happiness and said that he has been associated with this great institution and he is proud that the doctors here have made the name of this college famous all over the world.
Principal Quaid-e-Azam Medical College Bahawalpur Prof Sophia Farrukh while addressing the opening ceremony said that the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the establishment of Quaid-e-Azam Medical College are a source of pride for her. This Institution enabled thousands of students to serve the nation. She said that she is a graduate student of this college and she has also got the honor of being the first woman principal of this college.
Prof Jameel Shaheen introduced the 50 years history of QAMC, while Prof Arif Zaidi, Prof Mazhar Alam, and Dr Majid thanked the participants attending this ceremony. The whole idea behind these activities was generated by Prof Zubair.
The honorary shields were presented to all principals, former students and female students who have rendered significant services in medical science, while liver transplant surgeon Dr. Abdul Wahab Dogra and former Pakistan hockey captain and Olympian Dr. Atif Bashir were awarded shields for their valuable services to the country, Prof Mulazim Hussain Bukhari Principal AJKMC Muzaffarabad, Prof Muhammad Sabir, principal SMC similarly. Honorary shields were awarded to the heirs of Prof Dr. Fayyaz Ahmed, Dr. Musadaq, Dr. Zafar, and Dr. Sagheer Sameja who were martyred while performing their duties during the Corona epidemic. One shield was also given to COVID19 affected Dr Hashim Raza.
Senior Quaidians, and About 700 delegates attended this colourful event in the heart of Bahawalpur city.
Dr Masood Elahi, Dr. Muhammad Daud khan; Dr. Naeem Qadir;Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad Ghauri;Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad Shah;Dr. Tahir Bhullar;Prof. Dr. Ijaz Ahmad Shah;Dr. Mohammad Akmal;Dr. Dawood Nasir; Dr. Sohail, Dr TARIQ Hassan, Dr TARIQ Rehmani, Dr Rafique Sabir,Dr. Tahira, Dr. Ashfaq Neuro surgeon, Dr. Sarwar ENT Surgeon, Dr. Zafar Awan, Dr. Ihsan,Dr Arshad gardezi,Dr shahid irfan,Dr anjum Sohail ansari,Dr zahoor,Dr Maj. Gen Pervez,Dr qamar irshad qureshi ,Dr Sohail mumtaz,Dr Mahboob Ahmed Faizi,Dr A waheed Randhawa,Dr Shahid Saleem,Dr Irfan Mirza,Dr Sohail Mukhtar Ahmed,Dr Shahida Zareen, Dr Iffat Baluch, Dr Sagheera Kaukab, Dr Iffat Shaheen, Dr Saneela, Dr Nasreen Munir, Dr Naeem Aslam, Dr Anwar Surgeon, Dr Naeem Tawana.
MS BVH Dr. Syed Amir Bukhari, QAMC Board of Management officials, former principals of the college, alumni Prof. Dr. Masroor Ahmad Qazi, Prof. Dr. Munir Azhar Chaudhry, Prof. Dr. Javed Iqbal, Prof. Dr. Naheed Fatima, Dr. Amjad Kamal, Dr. Umeer Arif, Dr. Shazia Siddique, Dr. Umeer Ahmad, Prof. Dr. Iram Chaudhry, Prof. Dr. Nasir Ali, Prof. Dr. Syed Arif Ahmad Zaidi, Prof. Dr. Attaullah. Many other Quaidian also came to salute their Alma Matter like Dr Nadeem Shahid Younas, Dr Sohail Attaur Rasool, Dr Muhammad Bilal, Dr Muhammad Ather, Dr Muhammad Sami Ahmed, Dr Shahnawaz, Dr H Kazmi Tariq, Dr Kashif Kazmi, Dr Siraj Ahmed, Dr Asif Anayat, Dr Hamid Kamal, Dr Muhammad Hussain, Dr Hameedullah, Dr Shazia Sidduqe, Dr Saima Sidduqe, Dr Hafiz Muhammad Iqbal, Dr Sohail Hameed, Dr Mazhar Faiz, Dr Iram Ch, Dr Rao Khalil, Dr Yousaf, Dr Shaukat Ijaz, Dr Amjad Kamal, Dr Fayyaz Malik, Dr Zhahid Khan,Dr Zaki, Dr Farrukh Zaidi, Prof Dr. Ishaque, Dr. Tayyab, Dr Akram Ihsan, And Prof Dr Javed Iqbal attended this graceful event.

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