Ishaq Dar says Imran “lied” about country’s default risk

Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue Mohammad Ishaq Dar on Friday said Imran Khan was “following the agenda to drag the country towards economic chaos along with political chaos”.


Talking to a private news channel, the finance minister said that Imran allegedly lied about the country’s default risk by stating that the chances were 90%, while the minister added the risk was just 10% as per Bloomberg.

The minister said that the PTI should have retracted from their earlier statements about the default, but the latter “tried to influence the market to damage the country”.

“Political leaderships should not compromise national interest for sake of politics,” he added.

The minister held that “spreading lies” through social media had been the “doctrine of the necessity” for Imran’s politics to survive, adding that Imran Khan should avoid giving “frivolous statements on the economy”.

“Unfortunately, Imran Khan completely made the economy in a tailspin during his four-year rule,” the minister said.

The finance minister stated that the PML-N left the country in 2018 with an economy in excellent shape where inflation was 4%, food inflation was 2% and the policy rate was 6.5% while the growth rate was at 6%.

“At that time (2018), Pakistan Stock Market was the fifth-best performer in the world, but Imran’s rule broke all records and the economy collapsed within 4 years,” he regretted.

To another question, the finance minister said the decision had been made that an interest-free banking system would be implemented in the country.

“All appeals against the Federal Shariat Court’s verdict (for interest-free banking system) have been withdrawn in accordance with the decision,” he apprised.

The minister said that a high power committee had been formed including all the stakeholders that would form a road map to achieve the desired aim of an interest-free banking system.

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