Lahore child murder: Police suspect black magic could be involved

In a sensational discovery, police have suggested that a two and a half year old boy, whose body had been found near a Lahore graveyard on Sunday, may have been murdered as part of a ‘black magic’ ritual.


While an autopsy is awaited, Saddar Division Investigations SSP Dr Raza Tanveer said that they are looking into the different marks on the boy’s neck and chest.

“This is quite a different case (when compared to other types of murders),” the officer said, adding that they are investigating the marks from different angles and are trying to have the marks decoded using experts.

SSP Tanveer added that they will be able to share more once a thorough investigation has been completed.

Meanwhile, police have detained least 20 people for questioning, including relatives of the minor.

The detentions came after the boy’s father registered an FIR for his child’s murder.

He said that he does not suspect anyone at this point who may have brutally killed his child.

“The marks on his chest were like those carved by a knife or a blade,” the boy’s father said.

Earlier on Sunday, two-and-a-half-year-old Zeeshan had gone missing from Chohung area on the outskirts of Lahore whilst playing outside the house.

The family searched for him but found no trace of the boy.

The next morning, they found his body dumped near a graveyard in Chohang area of Lahore.

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