MSF International reiterates calls to stop attacks amid ‘catastrophic situation’ in al-Shifa Hospital


MSF International reiterates demands to stop attacks amid “catastrophic situation” at Al-Shafa Hospital
By: Web Desk
According to Al Jazeera, the medical charity Doctors Woodout Borders (MSF) International has reported dramatic intensities in attacks on Al-Shifa Hospital in the past few hours.

Charity staff said the hospital “a is in a catastrophic situation ”.

The organization said that “ we immediately reiterate our calls to prevent attacks on hospitals and to protect medical facilities, medical staff and patients.

In addition, MSF reiterated a previous alert stating that it was “extremely concerned” To protect both hospital workers and patients in Gaza City and that he was unable to contact them.

“ Patients are still in the hospital, some are in critical condition and unable to move, there are still caretakers within this facility, ” said earlier.

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