Palestinian officials, activist arrested after Israeli raids across West Bank


In addition to the Israeli unbridled bombing of the Gaza Strip ، Israeli troops in the Occupied West Bank were engaged in raids in Hebron and there were armed clashes with Palestinian fighters at night.

According to Al Jazeera, clashes took place in Jerusalem, Qalqalia and Jenin.

In addition, there were raids and armed clashes in Tobas. Palestinian groups allegedly used an explosive device during the raid against the Israeli army.

In Western Ramallah, raids have been carried out in the village of Qatana, and in occupied East Jerusalem, given the increase in activity.

In the Shoft refugee camp, there has been the heaviest Israeli army attack we have seen ، An estimated 300 [Israeli forces] are going to the camp.

The governor’s adviser to the Palestinian Authority of Jerusalem was arrested as a result of raids in Anata, Marov al-Rifai.

In addition, Ehd Tamimi, a prominent Palestinian activist who escalated terrorism, was arrested during overnight raids in the Occupied West Bank.


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