Perfect crime: Lahore’s youth, beware of ‘sweet callers’ from down south

Having entrenched themselves, dacoits hoped up in ‘no-go’ areas in Sindh’s riverine areas have now launched their new criminal enterprise, wooing Lahore’s affluent youngsters to the south and then demanding a ransom from their families.


The modern and innovative criminal scheme begins by first scoping out targets.

Then, they drop the line to catch unwitting youngsters in their trap. For this part of the scheme, women approach targets and chat them on the pretense of striking romantic friendships.

Once the ‘friendship’ gets to an advanced stage, the women ask their victims to come meet them.

Eventually, they lure the unsuspecting callers to the catchment areas in northern Sindh where even the police does not dare enter.

Once trapped, they would seek ransom from their families for their safe return.

Now, Punjab’s authorities have warned the youth, especially those living in Lahore and other parts of Punjab to avoid such calls.

Dacoits kidnap two hostages in Sindh

In August this year, a video went viral on social media platforms in which two hostages were being tortured by dacoits. The hostages had been abducted and their captors were demanding a ransom of Rs4.5 million from their families.

The dacoits had lured the men by pretending to be women and then chained them.

It was reported that a gang of dacoits reportedly operates inside the riverine area (Katcha area) adjacent to Raunti and Adam Jo Mindo had taken a few people hostage in the past.

Police have launched multiple operations in the past to root out the dacoits but have failed to completely eliminate them.

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