Who is Pakistan’s first YouTuber to get a diamond play button?

A Karachi-based Youtuber has attained a rare milestone in his creative journey by securing the the video platform’s diamond button after 10 million viewers subscribed to his YouTube channel.


Such was the significance of the event that YouTube also held a ceremony in honor of the Youtuber at a local hotel in Karachi.

Salman Nauman, who initially began his creative journey on ByteDance-backed vertical video sharing platform TikTok, where he has some 2.8 million followers, found great success on YouTube.

One reason for his extraordinary success was how Nauman was able to leverage the vertical video format of TikTok on YouTube – which later launched the vertical, short duration videos called ‘Shorts’.



In fact, in one reel, Nauman shows of the substantially beefy diamond play button. He can be seen carrying a large, black-colored polycarbonate briefcase with the word YouTube plastered on the side in white.

Nauman drops the bag on his bed where he proceeds to ‘unbox’ the button.

He shows off its spectrum of colors and all the other smaller goodies that YouTube packed into the case.

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