Witness of murder case demands security


SAWABI: A resident of Sawabi who been witnessed in murder case is feeling unsafe, from criminals, seeking govt protection for him and his family.
While addressing a press conference the brother of the witness, Tauseef told media that his brother Sadiq Khan was witness of his maternal uncle Ali Zar Khan, in 2022. He was also cross examined in the court.

Testifying to the murder in the court against the criminals, the criminals are now trying to torture them unnecessarily and attempted to murder him.
He told the journalist that the family members are in serious danger of life from the criminals.
“My uncle Ali Zar Khan was a security guard in STFA Powerhouse store, who was shot and killed by criminals Mubarak Shah and Gulzali and other unknown accused in the dark of night. My brother Sadiq Khan testified against him in the court and these people are now threatening to kill us. They are still harassing us and we are in serious danger from them”, he added.
He appealed the police for providing protection of the witness and his family

In this connection, when the police was contact they said that after registering report , police has started investigation against the accused and soon the criminals would be brought to the justice.

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