Atlas Honda introduces first EV bike in Pakistan


Atlas Honda — One of Pakistan’s largest motorcycle manufacturers — has unveiled the company’s first EV motorcycle Honda ‘ BENLY e’, Although he did not specify when it would be introduced in the country.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the company said the launch took place at a ceremony held at Atlas Honda’s Sheikhupura factory in which Atlas Honda’s 60 operations in Pakistan took place Celebrated the th year.

Chief Officer of Atlas Honda Noriaki Abe’s Motorcycle and Power Products, on this occasion, He said that Honda Benley E will be introduced for test marketing while new products will be introduced based on market perceptions so that Honda will be introduced to the society and consumers Offer to get better than what you have.

“Honda products have become an integral part of the daily lives of many people in Pakistan, ” said Abe, He added that the joint venture between Atlas Group and Honda Motor Company has been at the forefront of manufacturing motorcycles and auto parts since 1963.

Speaking during the same ceremony, Shinji Oyama, executive vice president and COO of Honda Motor Company, said the mobility industry was undergoing rapid change and that the “Honda motor future ” is in a good position.

Atlas Honda has expanded its product lineup and achieved up to 95% localization, said Saqib H. Shirazi, president and CEO of Atlas Honda%.

“ The company developed the largest network of local auto parts manufacturers and dealers. With over 10,000 touch points, the company has created direct employment opportunities for more than 150,000 people, ” said Shirazi.

Atlas Honda Limited reported a 152% increase in its net profit for the first quarter of fiscal year 2023-24, due to a sharp increase in sales and other revenue.

The motorcycle industry, which caters to the low-income segment of the population, experienced a decline in sales in October.

Motorcycle sales fell 5% per month in October and 11% year on year.

Atlas Honda, the market leader, recorded sales of 90,000 units, which is 5% per month and 5% per year.

In the first four months of the financial year, due to higher motorcycle prices and lower consumer purchasing power, motorcycle sales are 10% year on year% Falling to 371,000 units.

Challenges for EV bikes in Pakistan
Lack of charging infrastructure: There are not enough charging stations across the country to meet the growing demand for EV bikes. The government needs to work with the private sector to invest in charging infrastructure and attract investment.

High cost and low range: EV bikes are still more expensive than traditional bikes powered by petrol or diesel. Batteries are also expensive and take a long time to charge. The range of EV bikes is also limited, which means they can’t travel long distances without recharging.

Less Awareness and Acceptance: Many people in Pakistan are not aware of the benefits of EV bikes and their environmental impact. The government needs to launch an awareness campaign to educate consumers and promote the adoption of EV bikes.

Conflicting government policies: EV policy in Pakistan is not clear and permanent. There are different incentives and regulations for different types of EVs and different sectors. The policy also needs to address tax, standardization, quality control, and EV safety issues۔

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