Mental toll of your plate: Here are certain foods that worsen stress, anxiety, depression


In achieving healthy choices, the link between food and mental health experts warn that some foods can worsen stress and anxiety.

Dr. Michelle de Blaise, a psychologist at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, emphasizes the nature of certain food addictions، Which initiates a rush of dopamine like the use of substances in the brain.

Stressful food and emotional food are often associated with mental health, especially for those who suffer from anxiety. DiBlasi notes that turning to food in such conditions, especially high amounts of sugar, fat and salt, such as burgers, carbonated drinks، And processed sweets can lead to real food addiction.

The desires of these elements can be very high, which makes it difficult for individuals to stop consumption once they start.

DiBlasi advocates an important first step: when the stress response begins, it stops and listens to your body. Advising people to eat based on physical gestures rather than emotions، She emphasizes the importance of recognizing real hunger versus other emotional conditions such as anxiety or boredom.

Reminding individuals that food is a source of fuel for clear thinking and physical strength, it aims to focus on physical needs from emotional stimuli.

Identification of trigger foods is recommended, but DiBlasi suggests complete elimination. Instead, individuals should keep in mind their relationship with such food.

For example, if stress leads to a desire for French fries، So blatant restrictions are discouraged to prevent growing desires and potentially excessive use.

Additional strategies for mindfulness include sitting down, eating slowly, and enjoying food. DiBlasi encourages people to avoid screen time while eating so that they can increase their mindset about what they are eating.

The overall message is clear: understanding the complex relationship between food and mental health can empower individuals to make conscious choices for their well-being.


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