Sergio Agüero predicts Lionel Messi to return to Barcelona soon — Will David Beckham lose it?


Former Barcelona striker Sergio ‘Kin’ Agiro shared insights about the current state of FC Barcelona in an exclusive interview with AS, Expressing hope for the possible return of Lionel Messi and support for Xavi Hernandezz despite the club’s recent challenges.

Speaking of Lionel Messi, Agiro hailed him as the “best player ever” and discussed Messi’s everlasting love for Barcelona. Despite speculation about Macy’s departure and his return, Agiro noted that Macy’s has a deep identity with the club and the city.

Although details of a possible return were not discussed, Agiro suggested that “it is a matter of time” before Messi reunites with Barcelona.

Reflecting on his short stint in Barcelona, where Agiro made only four appearances, he highlighted the enduring effects of important moments in football، Real stressed the importance of scoring against Madrid.

Moving on to the current situation in Barcelona, Agüero acknowledged the club’s difficult time during Xavi’s arrival as coach، Which highlighted the financial difficulties that reshaped the institution.

Agüero expressed confidence in Xavi’s management skills and confirmed that the Barcelona legend had tied the club to his DNA. Acknowledging recent criticism of Xavi’s management style amid a difficult period, Agüero emphasized the need for time and “the best results in a few times” Highlights the manager’s success in providing.”

He praised Xavi’s approach to combining experienced players with young talent, showing hope for the team’s future.

The interview provided insights into the shared feelings between Agüero, Xavi, and Messi, giving fans a glimpse of the complex dynamics of football relations.

As Barcelona faces uncertainty, Agiro’s words combine nostalgia, hope and expectations for the club’s future.

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