Celestial revelation: JWST unveils early universe’s Milky Way doppelganger


In a major discovery facilitated by the James Webb Space Telescope, an international research team, including the University of California، Riverside (UCR) astronomer Alexander de la Vega has identified the farthest stagnant spiral galaxy ever observed, like the Milky Way.

The galaxy, called ceers-2112, challenges previous perceptions of the evolution of the galaxy، Which shows that stagnant spiral galaxies can form and display long before belief in the history of the universe.

The study, published in the journal Nature, sheds light on ceers-2112, led by scientists from the Centro de Astrobiology in Spain، Which has a central galaxy barcala structure consisting of stars.

Traditionally, stagnant spiral galaxies such as the Milky Way were thought to emerge after reaching about half of the current age of approximately 13.8 billion years.

De la Vega, a writer and postdoctoral researcher in UCR’s Department of Physics and Astronomy, emphasized the unpredictable nature of ceers-2112, Challenging the prevailing belief that the galaxies of the early universe were basically chaotic and lacked a galaxy-like structure.

The presence of the galaxy bar in ceers-2112 suggests a rapid maturation process, which calls into question current theories regarding the formation and evolution of the galaxy.

Earlier, astronomers assumed that galaxies needed billions of years to achieve favorable configuration levels for developing rods. However, the discovery challenges this time frame, suggesting that such structures may appear in approximately one billion years or less.

Estimation of the red shift and characteristics of ceers-2112 in partnership with de la Vega in research، This includes providing important insights into the properties of the galaxy and helping to interpret measurements.

This discovery not only signals a review of the theoretical models of galaxy evolution, but also opens up new avenues for exploring similar structures in the early universe، Which marks an important milestone in the field of astronomy.

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