Cleveland Browns’ Deshaun Watson suffers season-ending injury after return to NFL


The Cleveland Browns confirmed Wednesday that surgery will be performed to repair the fracture in their franchise quarterback, possibly ending the season, After an MRI on Monday which indicated that the quarterback suffered a homeless fracture of Glenide in his right shoulder.

Watson needs emergency surgery, the team’s doctors concluded, to prevent more structural damage.

“I am still in disbelief. I’m still trying to process all the information, “Watson said. “I felt like we were really turning a corner to make a run and still sure we were still in this locker room with the boys Will. I just wanted to be a part of it physically. … It’s hard to try to wrap everything around my head right now.”

Watson, who will be on injured reserve, is expected to return in the 2024 season and throw again in two to three months.

Meanwhile, according to coach Kevin Stefansky, the Browns will start in the quarterback against rookie Doreen Thompson-Robinson on Sunday against the Steelers.

“I want to give him a week where he knows he’s a starter and he gets a whole week of preparation,” said Stephensky.

ESPN reported that Thomson-Robinson made his career debut on Week 4 when Watson Rotator was inactive due to cuff strain which Because he missed four games this season.

Thomson-Robinson completed 19 of 36 passes for 121 yards and threw three hurdles to the Baltimore Ravens in a 28-3 loss. The rookie will start with PJ Walker, who has thrown 618 yards, a touchdown, and five interceptions in five games.

Watson revealed that he knew there was something wrong with his shoulder during the first half of Sunday’s win against the Ravens but he kept playing through it.

“Watson said, “The whole second half was painful to throw football. “I was just moving on from what I was feeling.”

The 28-year-old quarterback played his best game in Browns uniform on Sunday, Completed all 14 pass attempts in the second half and led Cleveland to a field goal drive to beat Baltimore 33-31.

Despite suffering from a high sprain of the left ankle, Watson insisted on continuing the game but doctors warned that it could further increase the injury.

Andrew Berry, general manager at Browns, said the shoulder fracture was unrelated to his rotator cuff strain and was a “clear medical recommendation” for Watson to have surgery.

“We’re very disappointed and devastated for Dishon,” Berry said، “Especially given all the things he has fought medically this season.”

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