Vivian Richards’ daughter hits back at Ramiz Raja for ‘racist joke’


Masaba Gupta, daughter of famous West Indies cricketer Vivian Alexander Richards, and actress Nina Gupta, TAG1, pointed to the racist joke pointed out by former PCB chairman Ramiz Raja Parents retaliated against them for laughing.

Taking to X —, formerly known as Twitter — Gupta expressed his dissatisfaction when Raja was sent to his parents on a local news channel Seen racist jokes.

In his post, Gupta addressed Ramiz Raja directly, He expressed frustration at the lack of dignity in his actions and seeing him laugh at a joke on national television that the world has long seen Had stopped searching amusing.

He urged the Raja to move forward over time, emphasizing flexibility in the face of his, his father, and his mother’s insensitive comments.

“Dear Ramiz Raja (Sir) Grace is a standard that very few people have. My father, mother and I have it. You have none. The world stopped laughing about 30 years ago when you got sick of watching you laugh on national TV in Pakistan. Step into the future. All 3 of us are here with our chin۔ #ramizraja, ” He wrote.

The controversy arose from a video in which a comedian made an insulting joke about Vivian Richards’ skin color. The comedian not only mocked Richards but also made racist remarks using the term ‘Kalia’ (meaning black-skinned).

One of the hosts said: “I watch a cricket match and my heart broke when Vivian Richards went into a relationship with Nina Gupta. I wrote a lion again. ‘ Jo ladkiyan khud ko kehti hain Malika-e-aliya, Unko fire milta hai Mr Kaliyya. ‘”

Guests, including Raja, were seemingly happy laughing at inappropriate remarks.

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